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That is very interesting bingefree2013 that you never overeat anything ever. What were you like as a child or before your disordered eating began. Because before I had disordered eating I did overeat things like chips or cookies sometimes, not all the time though. And It wasn't binging. so I thought going back to accepting overeating at times would be mucch better than going back to having the expectation I would never overeat and then binge. Maybe as child I overate those things sometimes because they weren't available to me at all times. Just sometimes when my mom would very occasionaly buy them or at a friends house or my grandmas house or something. Maybe if my mom had that stuff around all the time I wouldn't have done that. But I know I didn't have disordered eating. hmmmm gives me a lot to think about. My sister does feel sometimes she overeats every once in a while. But she never stresses about it and it seems to balance out.
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