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Michelle - According to the scale used for the weight loss contest here at work, I've lost 10 pounds since the contest started on 2/1, and 4 pounds since the 3/1 weigh-in. (Of course all the scales read differently - my scale at home, the one for the contest, and the one used by WW. Thank goodness they're not drastically different - that would drive me nuts!) The final weigh-in for the contest is on 5/1. I'm happy with my progress, but I'm not a contender for winning or placing in this contest. It's been an extra little bit of motivation for me, though, and it's been fun. Our poor admin, she came back from her vacation to a 3-pound gain! Bad timing!

Sounds like you had a nice Easter Sunday yesterday, and got in some good bonding with your roommate too. I'm glad everything's going well with your roomie, but it'll be nice to have the place to yourself for almost a week, won't it??.
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