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Morning Again

Well, I did it. I went to my sister's pool. Can't say I was comfortable though. Before I even left the house I was squirming. I had one of those short unitards (gray) and it went above my knees. Well, I had flab hanging out and there was no way to pull the leg down to cover and hold it in. Once I was in the pool I didn't think much about it. I spent about 45-50 minutes in the pool. Thank goodness you don't forget how to swim in time - it's been over 20 years since I've swam. I'll try to go back on Wednesday again.

I'm tired. As you can see I was on the board in the wee hours of the morning. I kept waking up, looking at the clock, lying there, look at the clock-finally got out of bed and came on to post the new weekly board. Tried to go back to sleep and probably got in about 45 minutes before the alarm blasted.

Okay, believe it or not, I have to take this latest microwave back! The key pad is bubbling! What kind of luck do I have with stuff? I give up! I wish I could have mine fixed!!!

I have a bunch of other stuff to do today so I better get going with my posts before I have to make a run for it...

GRANT, definitely a small world! You have a drive to work each day -ick! I live in W. Kendall. Whereabouts do you work? So I take it you have a really cool accent. ROSALIE is from England originally, if I remember correctly-if I'm wrong, she still has that cool accent!!!

FRUIT, so there's still hope I guess! Remember, lay it on thick that he gets not only some great SB FOOD but STARBUCKS as well, not to mention a wife who will be having the time of her life with some of the best people she's ever met or going to met I do think highly of everyone, don't I?

GATOR, here's a message from MICHAEL:

Oui, c'est vrai! C'est pourquoi je vous envie! Les phrases des autres langues ne sont pas des équations, je sais. J'essaie de parler la langue avec mes amis, et je crois que je l'apprends plus vite comme ça. Je crois que mon problème, c'est le compréhension du français. De toute façon, peut-être j'apprends le francais plus maintenant avec mes amis qu'avant, dans la classe. Pour moi, tous les langues signifient beaucoup de fractions (pas comme un science). On dit toujours ces fractions. On ne croit pas qu'on dit "Comment ça va?" comme des elements séparés. C'est une pensée complète, et en conséquence un "fraction" complète. Ou quelque chose comme "n'est-ce pas?" comme tu dis. J'ai besoin d'apprendre ces fractions par coeur, je crois. Pas comme un science, mais comme une vraie langue! (Alors, je suis un homme des sciences et des mathématiques. Quoi faire?!) :P


Glad you can understand him!!!

MOM, will e-mail you later Was nice talking to you last night. Get any reading done?

MONET, that's one thing I don't like, curry. I can't stand the smell of it. Reminds me of stinky armpits! Have a good day off, even though you are slaving over the stove. I made the plunge - literally!

MAGGIE Glad you've decided to join us. For only being on SB for 2 weeks and losing 11 pounds, OMG, that's unbelievable! Sounds like you are eating okay as far as the ww items go. Curious to know which ww saltines you've found-Barbaras? SB claims you don't have to count carbs, BUT, then they say approx 40% of your intake should be in the way of carbs, so if you don't keep track, how the heck do they think you'll know? Some things in the book are misleading, contradictory and confusing, but that's what we are here for, to help get through some of those things. Personally, I think keeping a food journal is very helpful in many ways. Love pizza? Why not make your own, you can have the crust made with ww Whereabouts in Texas are you? We have so many Texans on this board now - you're in good company

BEACH, sounds like you've been busy this past week. I can't believe they are going to make you re-apply for a position in the same company, but then again, when another hospital took over where my Dad had been working for umteen years as a pharmacist, they wanted everyone to re-apply. I'm hoping you will have no problem with the job and will be crossing my fingers for you:cross: Hope you feel better!

Okay kiddos, I'm outta here for the time being. I'll try to get on later today and do another post if the computer is free.


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