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Good morning chickies,

It is Easter Monday also known as Dyngus Day, meaning "Wet Monday", referring to traditional pranks involving water. It's also April Fool's Day so be doubly careful of pranksters hanging around the sink faucets today.

Thank you Mel for setting up the new thread and for carrying over my post. I was trying to think of something fast for the April thread title, Annie's wedding totally slipped my mind. I think I would have preferred Wedding in the title as that implies drinking and eating, here now we have another month to behave ourselves and act properly and all that I cannot say I was all that good in March - mainly because we ate out of the freezer and pantry - too much salt and processed foods, not enough fresh stuff. I'm hoping the weather will start to improve alot so that we can go for walks and get moving more.

Love this morning's pictures Mel - so bright and cheery. When you open the door to my house now the yard is filled with all sorts of bird calls. It's nice, I love this time of year. Autumn is still my best favorite though. Glad you had a nice dinner. What's this about all the alarms - were people keeling over from too many chocolate bunnies and too much salty ham? Thank you and Jen for the prayers

Annie - tick, tick, tick - the wedding is just around the corner. Are you getting all excited? I hope it's lovely and that you have wonderful, sunny and unseasonally warm weather for your honeymoon so that you can enjoy every second of it on and off the beach. Your story about Ainsley was too cute. I'm not that much into kids anymore I must admit but I still have a soft spot for things like this where they are genuinely thrilled over the Easter bunny or Santa or a cake with 2 candles on it Dinner sounded delicious, how nice that you had some to share with Dad and Bro. I think alot of people are doing the turkey route instead of ham - can never go wrong with that and there is the lovely spring asparagus to enjoy also.

I do have a bunch of stuff to pull together before we head out so I'd best get crackin' on it. Have a lovely week all, I will post as I can. Thanks for the love you are sending our way
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