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HAPY GOOD MONDAY..bah haha...

Happy thought: Only 16 days till we are married....and 19 days till vacation/honeymoon!!!

Had a lovely weekend. Samantha, Ainsley and Lil Man came over on Saturday, we went to lunch then back to my house. While the kids were out on the porch, I brought out the Easter baskets, then went out and said, OMG Ains the Easter Bunny came while I was in the bathroom. She said...HE DID????...runs in the house to check out her basket then looks out the back sliding door and says, "NANNA, I THINK I JUST SAW A GLIMPSE OF HIS TAIL". I could barely keep from laughing. How stinkin' cute. sly lil cat you! Putting out? Hilarious. My family all did Easter last weekend so all the kids etc could go to the other half of their family on Easter. I did get up and baked a 12 lb turkey, homemade dressing, deviled eggs, of course greenbean casserole, mashed potatos...then thought what the heck it is only me and C. So I called my dad, who is very sick with a cold and cough at the moment, and asked if he would like some lunch, my bro and SIL were there too, so we took all the food over and had an impromtu Easter lunch. They were all very appreciative.

CHELLE...glad to hear all the interview is going well, you will be employed in CA before you know it. Goodluck with all of that sweetie. xoxo

MELLIE....As for Peeps, I do not like them. It is way too much sugar and marshmellows, not fond of marshmellows either. Congrats on the weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race. Yeah! Love the flashing bunny.

SHADWICK...sorry your weekend in Kukudo was a bust. Just crazy weather everywhere. I love that your job keeps you on an adventure, I live vicariously through your trips.

LAURA...broken peeps ears are not good. When Sassy flips her ears back we always tell her she has broken ears. She is too cute. She got a new toy for Easter. It is a star shaped lil pillow that she drags around the house. It is about half the size of her.

CEEG...are you/did you enjoy your time off in Jonesboro?

That is about it for later is thread? Annie's Awesome April Wedding with the Worldlies.

Hmmmm, didn't get this posted quickly enough, before the new thread was started.....


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