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Happy September
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I brought this post of Happy's because of her DH.
and highlighted the part so we don't forget.


Shad, I loved all your stories this last post - from the shoes to finding yourself amongst the men in the rest room. Apparently you were in such dire need to get in that you didn't notice the "special sinks" That was q good one, I had such a laugh DH had to call up from downstairs what I was giggling about. Sorry the trip to Kakadu turned out so water logged. I loved the pictures though.

Laura - oh yum, there you go with that Greek soup again. Hope you enjoyed some for me.

We had a lovely brunch. The food was spectacular. Our waitress service however was not. We were seated and waited about 10 minutes with no one in sight (this restaurant is known for it's not so great servers). Finally we went up to the buffet line and as we were returning the waitress looked at us and asked if we wanted something to drink. Ok with that. The rest of the meal she hovered all over the party of 8 next to us, talking and laughing and constantly refilling their drinks and removing dirty plates. DH said he thinks she knew the people as personal friends or something. Meanwhile we and the table of 2 next to us were ignored. We got no drink refills, she did not stop by to see if we needed anything and our dirty used plates sat on the table for most of the meal until 2 different waitresses passed by and removed them for us. Our waitress passed by several times attending to the people nearby but never once looked at us until it came time for the bill and then she was all smiles and cheers. Took her a long time to come back with the credit card slip as she went around and collected several checks and then came back with 8 tables of bills and tried to sort them out on the fly. DH wrote on the statement that we had recieved very bad service but I doubt the management cared much. For occasions like this as well as banquets and weddings, they often hire temporary workers. The important part was that the food was excellent and we had a nice meal.

Came home and did a few pick up chores, took a nap and then worked on more of my school work. Checked in with my sister and Mom and started making my list for our trip. DH is getting a bit nervous as am I. It's right around the corner now. I said we both have to focus on a week from now all will be over and we'll be back to usual again

If I may, I would like to ask for any and all prayers and good wishes that all goes well. Not sure how often I will be able to post, we are not bringing our laptop with us and we have no cell phone to post from or call. His procedure is Wednesday morning. Thanks in advance, we'll take all the help we can get.

It is April and I'm afraid I don't have time to set up a new thread right now. Perhaps someone else can take care of it otherwise I will see if I have time in the morning.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Goodnight from me.

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