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Default Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

We are home from 2 weeks away. I did great staying 100% OP the first week. We were so busy, I had no problem eating my packed food while we went from one thing to the next in San Francisco, experiencing the city, shopping (yeaaa shopping and buying "off the rack" for the first time in a decade!) and all the touristy stuff we did.

It was week two that I failed to maintain the diet. I kept my portions small, but the Oregon coast is not a place to find healthy, affordable meals! Some days I had issues finding a salad!

I am back on track as of Friday, and it seems my weight did not move one bit while away. I'm thinking some of that is muscle gain from all the exercise I got while in San Francisco...but I was thrilled to see that my week off plan didn't put on anything.

It's all good. I am back in ketosis. I'm ready for the next 30 to come off now!

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