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OMG I am going to love this thread!! Congrats on your great finds!!

And that Thrift Shop song is *my* theme song!!!

I haven't been in a couple of weeks, I have to be in the mood to go through the racks and racks of clothes.

The best finds I have had are:

$2.50 Levis that were practically brand new
$2.50 Jones New York tank top that I think was new without tags
$4.00 Merona (I think that's Target brand?) spring barn coat I can't wait to wear
$2.50 Worthington pants in a 14 that I can't wear yet but they are gorgeous dress pants, again I think they are brand new without tags
$2.50 Banana Republic summer top with a $34.50 tag still on it

I love love wearing my bargain finds and since I plan on donating them all back, I find $2.50 an awesome rental fee! (Yes, I'm renting the clothes as I plan for them to be too big soon!)

My store does a color of the week (the popping tags like the song says!) so I only buy the color on sale (it's half off) unless there is something I absolutely can't pass up. I have paid full price ($4.99) for a pair of Old Navy jeans that I love.

I am going to the store tomorrow, I just decided!!
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