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Default Okay, I'm back...

Thin and Syn's words have lured me out of hiding. The poem was just what I needed Syn, thanks for sharing!

Thin, as always your no-nonsense "snap out of it" helped to bring things back into focus...there are only 44 days til Thanksgiving and the beginning of the onslaught of the holidays!!!!!'re right, time to get back into high gear and prepare.

I had to drop my car off this morning for a tune up. The nice fella offered me a ride home, but I opted for a was about 2 miles, took me 40 minutes. That gave me a chance to break in my new sneakers ~and~ time to think about what I need to do. I just need to keep doing what's best for me. I feel better, mentally and physically when I am eating right and exercising regularly. But I've come to realize that I do go through a slump every so many weeks...I'll have 3 good weeks of all out, gung ho effort, hit the PMS wall, take a week or two to recuperate from that and start the process all over again. Whatever good I had done, has been undone so round and round and round I go.....wheeeeee!

Perhaps by recognizing the pattern, I can shift my responses and reactions enough to change the course a bit. Worth a Tina has said many times, I'd rather fall down 100 times and get back up than fall down and stay down! Or something like that.

Sandy, have fun camping! I love camping in the Fall...I hope the weather is's been foggy as all get out around here the last few days!

Syn, I couldn't agree more about "putting your best face forward!" A little make up and something other than the usual jeans and Tshirt go a LONG way to improve feelings of self worth!

Barb...Bon voyage! When you get back, we'll plan our outing...right Michelle, Natalie???? The 25th?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I just heard the answering machine pick up a call from the hospital...they were wondering if I like to pick up any extra time this I said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! perhaps when pigs fly.

My sister and I are heading down to Atlantic City on Sunday...girls only for an overnighter... Can't wait. Hope I hit the jackpot!

I'd better go...I'd like to make it look like I did something around here today, other than sleep. Hey I did walk! A little tidying, a load or two of laundry...he'll think I've been slaving away all day!

Have a great weekend my friends! Thanks for seeing me through another slump...nice to know that when I emerge from it, you guys are all still here, full of encouragement and love.


Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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