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JENNIFER:; I'm out of control when I PMS also...its insane...I get the wierdest cravings...salty stuff, sweet stuff..then just a crazy hunger in general..there has to be a way to control that.

PLAINSGIRL You and I are the same weight and almost the same height..I also have been fighting that number for months now, and it doesn't matter what I do....totally nuts how our bodies "set" themselves to a weight. Hopefully I will get this extra weight off once and for all, because spring is here and there's no time to waste anymore!!!

NATAMARS: we all have those days that we fail, I have a lot of them.....I think once in a while having a mega calorie day doesn't hurt us as long as we confine it to one day and then jump back on the wagon..that's how skinny people eat!!!! They eat at parties but then they become normal again whereas someone like me keeps the party going for months...hang in there kiddo...we'lll get this right....I just know it.

FIRGIRL: good luck with your surgery.....good time to start "new"

SUM38: Good job on that walk!!
2FATCATS: There's always that last area taht holds on for that famine that isnt' coming any time'll do it're on fire!!

GUAC: just stay mindful to be careful in between those events....balance honey..balance!

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