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I love to make mine with pesto as the base and then some mozzarella and tomato and broccoli I have done other veggies as well though and they all cook great and come out perfect but I only set the oven to 350 and cook them for about 20 mins or so don't really have to go that hot on a thin little tortilla. I don't saute my veggies and some are even frozen and still get done that way. So maybe its just the heat setting. Oh also I should add my tortillas are usually frozen as well because I only would have one rarely for a cheat meal and my tortillas would get moldy in the fridge so maybe that would help freeze your tortillas then they are there and ready to go when you make your pizzas.

Also with the pesto the tortilla comes out great and crunchy but using pizza sauce I've tried and it leaves the tortilla soggy then so if I use pizza sauce I put the cheese and veggies down first and then just spoon some sauce over the top

all the topping ideas in here are great sound really yummy. I love tortilla pizzas as my cheat meal I like to use the spinach flour wraps from trader joes but any work just as well for me. I've used ezekiel as well and jalapeno cheddar flavor ones and some other chile and onion flavored ones from trader joes all work the same for me.

I've made taco pizza and turkey pepperoni pizza just for some ideas that bbq chicken idea and the alfredo one and cream cheese with spinach ones sound really good I'll give those a try when I am eating carbs again lol

I like the spinach tortillas best because they are only 100 calories a piece and not too large.

The pesto pizza is my fave ever if ya wanna try that I get this sauce just from walmart or target and I think its the best tasting pesto sauce I've tried all kinds even made my own. And I was duplicating this pizza from trader joe which is my fave pizza of all time :O and I think it tastes almost exact! And so easy to make just broccoli tomato and mozzarella with the pesto I use cherry tomatoes and just slice em in half its easier.

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