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Default A Little worried about no weight loss

Just finished my third week. Wk #1=5lbs, Wk #2=2.8lbs, Wk #3=1.8
I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself at home but I have been looking (every other day) just to see a decrease. Weighed in this morning after emptying all that I could from all that can be emptied. Looks like I put on a few...WHAT?!! I see the steady decline in weight loss so I'm panicking a bit...
Sticking to the protocol. 8oz protein (measured AFTER cooking); split throughout the day (usually 2-3 oz at lunch; 5-6 oz at dinner). Love veggies so I eat a variety of all that's allowed. Restricted veg only twice a week (1 cup one day; 1 cup another); it's usually tomato. LOTs of Water. Not sure what's happening...
I will confess that I was missing mayo (for tuna and chicken salads) so I made my own. (recipe: 1 egg, lemon juice, olive or grape seed oil). Thought this was ok; only use a TBSP in a day (if I'm having tuna or chicken salad for lunch). Wouldn't think this would de-rail me. Am I wrong?
Any suggestions would be helpful...thanks.
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