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Good Evening....Ladies who live in my Computer,

Aw NEmom...I'm sooo sad to hear about your DS. Our boys are about the same age. We worried about ours a few years all-consuming worry that only a mom can understand. How can you be patient when you realize that some booboos cannot be kissed away? I wish for your son Sunshine, Exercise, Good nutrition, and lots of interest from a really hot girl or three. Or a great, new friend. SOMEthing that will help him and help you get through this.

And petra for the long nights in the hospital. Strength and finding the deeper meaning of life. Sigh. Getting old is not for the weak.

2FatCats--that procedure sounds like a misogynist's dream. Hope your doctor is a woman! "Cooties!" haha

1800 cals yesterday, 1100 today, so far. I WAS A VERY GOOD PENGUIN YESTERDAY! Told TH that I wanted to go to the track, without checking the weather first, and he made it happen for the whole family. Brrrrr...walked over a mile in sleet and snow. 20 min on the track and 45 min gasping for air. TH doesn't know what asthma is; thought I was THAT out of shape. menacing growl And hula hoop. Knee still hurts like hades when I bend it.

Weird mood this morn...Thanks, hormones!... I was the last to leave the house...all bundled up...I walked around with that feeling you get when you're checking over the hotel room after a vacation, or when the last box walked out of your apartment before a move...nostalgic, sad, memories left behind and all the undone things......

Then, for unknown reasons, on the drive in, I recalled a work acquaintance from a former life. You ever met someone whose thought processes are so different from your own, you become fascinated and addicted to watching her a TV show? She was one. Every man was AFTER her...Interested in her..."Oh! Bill Gates will be speaking at the next convention!" "I met him at the last one; he pinched me on the a$$." These inner thoughts of hers were uttered with truth and sincerity and just dripped out in every conversation in the strangest ways. (A good example of thought becoming reality, as several marriages broke up during the 4 years I worked there!) today I thought I would BE her....Yep....I'm tired of the self-analysis and inferiority....just want to be delusionally self confident, for the elevator: "he WANTS me!"...on the sidewalk: "she wants me so bad she cannot look at me" communication with the co-worker who became bizarrely angry with me for illogical reasons: "he's angry because he WANTS me and cannot have me!" Must've put a swish in my step because lots of strangers gave me friendly hellos for no reason. Definitely helped in dealings with difficult people. I'm doin' it again tomorrow.

Skinny and delusional. My new twin goals.

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