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Happy Monday!

I survived the field trip with the kids. Actually, it was a lot of fun. I was a student at the university we went to (eons ago) so it was fun to visit campus again. The crazy thing is I remembered almost none of it. How can it be that I don’t remember details about a place I spent two years at? Couldn't have anything to do with all the partying, could it? The group of kids I was with contained more than half of the cast of the musical DD#2 is in. At lunch time, we got word that the school district was cancelling all school activities on Saturday in anticipation of the big blizzard that was coming. That meant we had to cancel 2 shows. Not only will this be financially devastating, but the kids then miss out on two performances. We spend the rest of the day figuring out how to re-coup our losses, how to get Saturday ticket holders to come to Friday night’s show and can we add a Monday show. It was crazy. Then on Saturday, the storm didn’t materialize as advertised. We for sure could have done the matinee and probably the night show too. Stupid school district won’t cancel or delay school during the week but sure were quick to cancel weekend activities.

Eating wise, I did ok on Saturday, but yesterday was a complete wash. I ate too much sugary junk in my effort to avoid working around the house. An interesting side note, I had a dream about coming into a room that was filled with candy and junk. My friend was there, inviting me to join her. My first thought was “why not…I’ve already ruined my day with bad eating”. Then a different thought popped into my head “just because you ate too much earlier doesn’t mean the day is wasted. You can stop now!” and I did. That is a whole new mind-set for me!! I love that I dreamed it too!

LuvCats: How’s your head and neck feeling? Are you improving?

LindaWW: How’d you do with DH’s birthday dinner? Did you get much snow from Saturday’s storm? Sounds like you’re just southwest of me as the crow flies…I’m in Larkspur.

MrsTryingAgain: Sounds like H is making great strides! Love the pictures…keep them coming!

2FatCats: What’s an HTA? I don’t think it’s sad that the first thing you thought of was your workout schedule. It’s an important part of your lifestyle now. For the first time ever, I would do the same.

Ukemama: WooHoo on the vertigo being gone!!! OMG, that earthquate story is a riot! Luckily, being in New York you probably didn’t even turn a head. Good luck with the party on Friday.

SeeMyFeet: You do make us laugh! You do know that you can divorce the scale if he isn’t treating you right. But hey, at least some of your dreams have come true. A handsome Prince is nothing to sneeze at. Did you come up with a new plan? When have you been whining? I haven’t noticed it. Maybe I’m around too many whiners at work and it's become the norm...

Sept2012: Great news about your Dad!!! And great news about the scale movement too! How hard is the non-drinking challenge for you? Good luck!! Cherry Blossoms already? Dang. My aunts and I are traveling to your neck of the woods in about 3 weeks. They asked me to join them on one of their trips. I said yes, don’t care where, because they’re so much fun to be around! We’re going to Savannah, with our last night in Atlanta. Anything you can recommend we do? Sorry about the broken TV. At least you don’t have to look at all the advertising they do at the bottom of every show now. Good job on the movie popcorn.

Kelijpa: Wishing the best to you too. Good job on the 4 miles!!

Petra65: So sorry about your MIL. I sincerely hope she’s doing better and they successfully got her off the ventilator. Too bad you’re having to work so much right now. That’s a lot of stress for one person. Take care of yourself!

To anyone I missed...have a great, on-plan day!!

Never quit trying
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