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I feel like some small victories have been made today. First scale = good. Second decided to clean up around here and reorganize.... I undid all of the cables on my tv and rearranged... when I hooked it all back up was so pleased that the tv came on shortly after I realized something was terribly wrong. my screen looks like it has cracked somewhere. I can only see the top of the tv the bottom is black and there are lines running down the screen where the crack is... talk about stressful. that would have normally been a stressor for me..... I thought about saying F it and going out for the day doing whatever i wanted but then I feel like i reeled it back into perspective. I can look into repairs or buy a new one -buying a new one is not really in my budget but you gotta do what you gotta do. So stayed on plan but then decided to go to the movies. I made a CONSCIENCE decision before I left my house that I was not ordering a HUGE diet coke or a HUGE popcorn (of which even when I was not watching what I was eating, I would only eat 1/4 of anyway). Instead I bargained with myself and got the kids snack. It has just a small amount of popcorn and a small coke and little fruit jellies (which i threw away)... it was perfect. lasted me throughout the movie. went food shopping and did not buy anything off plan.... looked at TV's to see what i can afford and now I am at home relaxing with my half visible TV hahahaha its all good! its all in my control and i can do this!!!!

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MAJOR GOALS:188.6 by Dec 25th 2014 (11 months to go) I will surprise my family with this ; 150 GOAL!!! by May 2015 (16 Months to go) 3 week trip to Italy!!!Shoot I am going to Italy in May of 2015.

MINI-GOALS:260 Mani/Pedi/Spa - The works; 230 Horseback riding lessons; 199 Louis Vuitton wallet;
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