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I have an amazing, Trudeau 24 oz water bottle. I make sure I drink 6 a day. Prior to IP I was drinking 3-4, so not a big change for me. The key for me is the bottle, I bring it everywhere. The secret is the soft straw. A straw is a must to get through all that water...with the straw, I can down the entire bottle in a minute or two, if I'm getting behind schedule. I try to have 3 of the 6 bottles within the first 2 hours of the day (while I have my coffee too). I have the first immediately, the second about a half hour later, and the third I have in half 30 minutes later, and the other half another 30 minutes later. I have the 4th 2 hours later, and fill the 5th immediately. The 5th and 6th usually take me longer to finish, because I'm fully hydrated at that point. I make sure I have the 5th down by lunch time, and I sip on the 6th during lunch and the afternoon...I also add in peppermint tea at that time. I make sure to be done with all water by 2:30...before IP I went potty once a night, now I go 3 times...can't imagine how often I'd be up if I drank into the evening! I have found that I easily go back to sleep after, so that's not a problem. I have multiple Trudeau bottles, I keep one at home for when I get up and one at work. Highly recommend...on amazon search 24 oz Trudeau water bottle.
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