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Still struggling, of course. Have lost some of the excess water weight so scale looks better. But still kicking self over allowing demons to detour me from the health route. Having some b.p. issues which are new to me. But that is certainly motivation. Am now about six pounds above my best weight on this particular leg of the journey. Six doesn't sound like many but it puts me back quite a few years of hard work.

Sigh.....BUT we are supposed to have two lovely spring days this weekend and that should also be inspiring and invigorating. Have a few bulbs coming up that I brought from old house. Anxious to see what survive the move. Anything is more than welcome. Won't have much but I can lavish a lot of care on what little I'll have and not feel they are the chore the larger yard and plantings had become.

Hmm - maybe theme for today - lavish a lot of love on a few people. Make someone happy.

And then - Daylight Savings time. I'm mentally moving me an hour ahead today, i.e, I didn't get up at 5 a.m. (too early) but at 6:a.m. (okay) which it will be tomorrow at this time.
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