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Wow! You all are having amazing NSVs!
Kelijpa's trail time, avalonmoon's floppy clothing, 2fatcats and her apron strings, sorry about your top, elvislover, but 2FC is right

This is really a good one, because there are so many aspects to it. DD3 is having a slumber party tomorrow and I was cleaning to prepare. I can really tell how much all the exercise is making a difference and making me stronger- the chores I did today would have taken a week two months ago. I kid you not! I would not have had the energy and would have been miserable, too, at the end of the day, but all I feel today is pleasanly tired.

My whole mood and attitude improve when I can keep up with chores and not have messy surroundings, and I enjoy the exercise more, don't feel driven to junk food, etc....

I'm sure you all know how this cycle can feed both ways. At the moment it's going my way
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