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It sucks for ladies too! Mine was over 50 when I started (gulp), I am hoping to be less than 35 at my weigh-in tomorrow. My doctor did point out I'd be changing from "Obese II" to "Obese I" very soon and I wanted to climb under the exam table. But it beats the Morbidly Obese I started at.

The worst thing is being labeled based solely on your BMI number. My fertility specialist said the hospital will not treat a woman for fertility if her BMI is over 40 (I was just over it at that visit, like 41.5). It doesn't matter about any other part of your health, it's only based on BMI and there are no exceptions. I'm so glad I lost weight since that appointment as my doctor looked at me like I'd never get under that 40. Way for me to prove him wrong and then some!!

Oops---this is the Men's Forum, I'm sorry!! I click on "new posts" and read everything! Sorry for the TMI!

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