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I'd suggest investing in a good flask/food flask that will keep things hot for 3/4 hours. Then you could take in soup which you could make up in big batches at the weekend and heat up in the morning to go in the flask and have with a pitta bread. Or you could just buy the pots/cans of soup and heat them up in the morning and take with a pitta bread.
Also pasta salad could be good, as it's good cold and much more filling than salad. There must be some recipes around and if you use brown pasta and not a mayo based sauce but lots of veg then it would be pretty healthy.

You could alternate these a bit, and have sandwiches occasionally too. Hams probs okay occasionally, it's quite high is salt though, turkey ham or something is better.

For snacks, I'd suggest a handful of nuts, maybe brazils. A low fat yogurt around 100 cals. Low cal fruit - grapes, satsumas etc.

You can get soups that are about 200 cal for 800ml in the supermarket, have that will a pitta (160 cal) and thats 360, then a couple of satsumas (40 cal) and a handful of nuts or a yogurt (100 cal) and that's a really fulling, quite high protein, healthy lunch for 500 cals.
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