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Evening all...didn't get anything I wanted to accomplished today that I wanted. My bro who is living with my dad called and said I needed to come over, he found something that I would be glad to have. I guessed several things, but was wrong...Momma's diamond wedding ring and band have been missing since before she died. He found them in a ziplock bag in with some papers while cleaning dad's room out. He wanted to be sure they got to me before anyone else tried to lay claims on them since I am the only girl. Also dad's wedding band. Guess what when C and I get married we will have the bands as ours.

Holy crap, I almost lost this post....

CHELLE....I tell you, when I finally did not have to deal with my xdh, once the kids were grown, my life got a whole lot better, happier, nicer etc etc. Find Santa a new doggie daycare, and do not have anything more to do with them and their evil, nasty, sinful world. Get your taxes done and be done with them...with all the friends you have you do NOT need him as one of them. Start your new life and world without that bad taste in your mouth. ok off rant.

HAPPY....I love a good parade. Sass can sit in MELLIE's lap all the while MELLIE does the queen wave. C can rollerblade along as that is one of his passions. I cannot even stand up on them.

SHADDIE...unless Cs work changes to an easier route/day, coming to Australia is being put on the back burner. Not totally out of the picture, but less of a chance now. I am so unhappy with that, however C has to do what he has to do to keep things running. On a good note....the route he is buying that his company told him would take 5-10 years to pay, will actually be paid for by this June, thanks to his hard work and his company wanting and buying some of his stops off of him....YEAH!! That is a record, the route will be paid for in less than a year!

Gonna post and come back before I lose this.


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