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Morning all,

Blindingly sunny day out there. Wish it wasn't so messy with melting snow. I think we're supposed to be in the 40's next week. Spring is coming

Ceejay - good going on the bike riding. 30 minutes is a good goal to shoot for. Keep up with it because one can lose the stamina so quickly. Enjoy the sight of the snow - at least it's only temporary and hopefully you don't have to go out in it.

Michelle - when I saw you had to give up access to the ex's place - you just know the new GF doesn't want you there. And she can't be all that secure in her relationship either. Sorry that you will lose access to some things that would help out but don't be surprised (and hurt) if the ex backs off from you too. Just best that you close the door behind you and look forward. Use it as motivation. I know how easy it is to get "stuck" - knowing you have some things to do to move forward but being a bit paralized too. Every thing you do that takes you to the next place is a victory. Hope the weekend testing goes well at work.

Mel - good to hear from you. It's nice that you are there for Sal. I think it helps to have someone help you over the hump of acceptance - and nothing is as scary as cancer. Congrats on beating that scale down another week. Sounds like the program is working for you. Keep up the good work!

Laura - it's probably a good thing so many people are participating in the weight loss program - helps you through things like tempting cake and the like. Did you do well on your weekly weigh in? And to your question - yes my computer is working better - at least not crashing but I still get wierd pauses and stuff that I'm not sure what is going on. I'm turning into one of those cranky end users

Annie - laughed about your comment on toys at the commune. With 2 ATVs and Mel's chair we have all the makings of a parade. She can be the grand marshall and go first. I have 2 bikes also - will have to put Laura and Ceejay on them as they have the sturdier bicycle legs

xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

I always thought Wendy's chili was pretty decent. It's one of the few that didn't give me heartburn. That's a pretty good sign of approval if you can eat that after bariatric surgery. Looks like you are sticking well with the diet plan too. Guess I have to jump into the parade before I find myself sitting on the ground eating dust. The new toy has really big shock absorbers but I don't want to test them too much

Shad - hope you are enjoying your weekend. What's going on by you?

Guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Got a nice box of strawberries at Walmart yesterday. Have to eat them quickly because they seem to mold up overnight. And these even smell like strawberries so maybe there's some taste to them too.

Have a good weekend people.

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