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Happy - I didn't realize you'd snuck in on me! That toy sounds like it'll be a lot of fun for you and DH! Yes, I resisted the cake and the frosting yesterday - thanks to being with both the admin and the boss, who are also participating in the weight loss contest. We were all very conscious of today's weigh-in. As for the GS cookies, I'd forgotten which ones I'd ordered. Depending on my willpower level the day I ordered, it could have been the mints, which I can usually resist, or the peanut butter cookies, which I can't. I'm thankful it turned out to be the mints!

Annie - Sounds like an awfully tight fit - and you'll be there for 2 years??!! Yeh, I'm so over this wintry weather. I fell on my walk to the train station this morning. Grrrr. It's a shame we didn't get the snow earlier in the season, like for Christmas!!

Michelle - Hope you can work from home tomorrow and be comfy. Glad your back is starting to feel better, but don't go moving anything heavy this weekend! I suppose I can understand the ex's gf not wanting you in the house is sad for you, though, especially now that reality has hit. Big change for six month's time, given that you were married all those years. Maybe now that part #1 of the "limbo period" - as concerns the ex - is well and truly over now, it'll be easier for you. I know it's a dreary, depressing season of the year, and it'll be a while until part #2 happens - moving cross-country and making a job change, but try and focus on the new opportunities that await you instead of looking back.

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