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Originally Posted by patns View Post
Good for you! And size 18 pants to boot

As for alternatives I will likely get a blast from the IP purists for posting this.

But I am very annoyed that many of the clinics in Canada have switched to protidiet and protithin products and change at last double what we were able to buy them for online from Canadian sources.

Since these IP clinics have started doing this we can no longer get the proti stuff directly from the previous sellers. We can order it from American sources but have to pay huge shipping fees and duty.

It seems to me that if the clinics that switched had the power to stop the online sale of proti products (and also because IP and Proti products are all made in Quebec) there is likely a connection between the two types of products.

So all her talk about carefully checking the formula is just blah blah blah.I suspect they are all produced the same.

So add fuel to my simmering over this is the fact the proti products I buy from US sources all have made in Quebec stamped on them yet I have to pay duty on them to bring them back into Canada.

I don't see any advantage for you to go back to her before your trip.
After such a huge loss your body will need to stabalize and next week will likely be the same weight or up a tad. I wouldn't give her the opprtunity to say I told you so,if that happens.

This may not be pertenent to your situation but it gave me a chance to vent!

Again kudos on your tremendous success and the great jean size. You are going to enjoy your trip so much more now that you have come so far on your weight loss journey.

Pat: I'm not sure anyone here is enough of an IP purist to do any blasting
I'd be annoyed too! You start on one program with one product and then they change on you. Can they even call themselves an IP clinic anymore if they aren't using IP products?

The whole reason people here use alts is to SAVE MONEY! If they cost the same as IP, I doubt too many would make the change (except maybe to try some different flavors or to get an unrestricted oatmeal)

Sorry this is happening to you!
(Sorry to threadjack, Ninjanurse)
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