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Ok now, let me try and catch up. Yesterday we purchased DH's (although he adamantly says it's OUR) newest toy. A black and yellow, very very sporty side by side ATV. Ok, this is a "muscle" ATV, probably the size of a Toyota RAV4 car. It had just been delivered to the dealer, set up and placed on the showroom floor. We stopped at the dealer because we were looking at another model and came to check with one of the trail experts if there were limitations with the side by sides. DH was IN LOVE the minute he saw this. And even more so when the saleman turned it on as it sounds just like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. There is alot of power in this machine. I saw that boyish smile on DH - the same one I saw on him when we came to visit up here and he had such a great time shooting and playing ATV with the cousin. We had agreed to get a side by side ATV since we both very much enjoy the trail riding. The 2 models we looked at had different features so I told him he could pick out the one he wanted. As long as the seat was comfortable for me (it was) and we can take it on most of the trails (we can) - it didn't really matter to me which one we got. He's all excited. I think he was and is worried about this heart procedure and he's been focusing on it so hopefully this will give him something to distract him from worrying. He's reading trail maps and planning the first of our road trips. That seemed to take all day and afterwards we went out to dinner at a new place we wanted to try. Good fried chicken and pizza so it will be nice to have another option for dinner.

Ceejay - I'm looking at it snowing here and hoping you got the opportunity to watch a bit of it yourself. Congrats on the weight loss for the week. Sounds like you are liking the metabolic plan you are following.

Shad - sounds like you will be spending your birthday in Darwin. Lovely. I was surprised at your comment about the groceries and pantry. I would think of you being a more fresh/whole foods person stocking the shelves. Do you have that much packaged stuff or is it things in the freezer that you need to use up? In any event, it's good to plan things out so that you don't waste much. Just that I'll be towards the end the things left over won't sound so appetizing - isn't that the way it goes? Loved the cat picture - I do feel that way about thin mints

Mel - hope you are feeling a bit better today. I suspect not as you usually post by now. But at this point you know what you need to do - just stick with the plan and don't make things worse.

Laura - were you able to resist that cake frosting? Sounds like you didn't know what kind of Girl Scout cookies you ordered. Did you forget or just tell them you'd take one box of their choosing? Good luck on the weigh in this morning. Double motivation to be good! Congrats on handling a sticky situation at the meeting with the difficult person. Particularly if you helped the boss out by taking the reins.

Annie - geez louise - all that fuss for moving 2 floors????? Did they give up the floor space entirely? Otherwise I don't see how they'd save money on the move considering the cost of the move and relocating phones and computers. One company that I worked for in downtown Chicago got bought out and they scrunched 4 floors of people down to 1 - talk about sardines what didn't make sense to me was that there was an interior - as in right in the middle of the floor - custom built open staircase that connected all 4 floors. The cost alone to close that back up had to be enormous. I hope you are doing ok - getting enough rest and that your b/p numbers are good.

Michelle - hope you are feeling better too. Bummer that you have to work Saturday. Hope your visiting friend had a good time. When is the new roomie moving in?

DH went to drop off some cardboard at the recycle center so I think I'll have a quick shower. We still have errands to run that keep following us day after day. Time flies even when you are retired. We drove by the popcorn shop yesterday and they had a sign in the window that they are closed until further notice. I thought it odd that everything was removed from the windows and shelves. I know she said things will get really slow the next 2 months - it's probably better to close entirely than waste the product to make it and only sell a portion of it. And with the accident with their son, I'm thinking they may have gone back home for a while to grieve. Guess I would have been out of a job anyway. (I am enjoying being back home again - so much to do - I think I am cured of the idea of working again ) Anyway, happy Friday kids. The weekend is upon us.

It's lightly snowing up here, partially sunny and some what mild for this area for now. The old saying for the beginning of March weather - in like a lion, out like a lamb - doesn't seem to fit today. It's actually kind of neutral so I guess the prediction is - a whole month of more of the same. See yahs

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