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hi sassyangies!

To answer your question, the first thing I do is come onto 3FC and see if anyone else is having similar issues. More times than not, someone can relate to my situation and the emotions that come with it.

The second thing I do is forgive myself. For what? For not eating perfectly, for not sticking with it perfectly, for not exercising until I pass out. Generally for thinking with my perfectionist mentality. Once I forgive myself for not sticking to plan, the rest is easier.

I start with the easier, most enjoyable thing about my weight loss routine. Usually, this is prepping food because I love food, haha. Secondly, I make myself do a short workout and if I feel ok I repeat the workout because I start with a low intensity. The next day I bump up the intensity.

I slowly - and guilt free - get back onto my routine. You hit the nail on the head with the forgiveness part - and it seems like you didn't really indulge. So, tomorrow is another day. Get started on the good decisions and smile while you're doing it.

The journey is challenging, but not impossible. *sending thoughts of encouragement your way*

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