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Woot, yesterday here in the Queendom & Empire of the Life of Am2 things were actually MORE dramatic than they were on any given day of the disastrous week previous. The short list of things that happened that could be construed as negative included being a fraud victim, falling prey (not for the first time) to the anxiety producing talents of two perpetually hostile neighbors, worrying about an elderly friend's health, and OF COURSE, as a result of some of this angst, Am2 found herself having her second high calorie day of the week.

HOWSOMEVER, all the angst did not result in a deviation from the State of Wheat Freedom and well we here in Am2 Land always have two high cal days a week anyhow, so this was a good reflection to have AS WELL AS the recall that last week was a bummer too YET, Am2 DID lose weight.

SO, we are walkin' our stress away this morning and then going to Sprouts to look for some bars called Uber, which are supposed to be gluten free, because yesterday we must admit that the IDEA of eating a piece of regular wheat based buttercream white cake was tempting, but we stuck to the experiment.

Whole day to be dedicated to peace and quiet and CALORIE CONTROL with no wheat overtones.


It. Is. Manifest.

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