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Default Motivation for last few pounds

Okay, I started my current weight loss journey at the end of June 2012. I went to a diet center that I had been successful at previously (I went there for a short while, then moved away and gained back the 15 lbs I had lost). Its a center based on a low carb, high protein diet. They give you b12 injections too. I quickly lost quite a few pounds, started at 210 and dropped very fast. I knew we would be moving out of state So after I had lost about 30 pounds I stopped going to the center, and started doing it on my own without the shots and support.

I was still able to lose weight. I last weighed myself in January and I was 147, which is 17 pounds away from my goal. I am having such a hard time staying motivated to get these last few pounds off. I have been eating bad carbs occasionally, and some good carbs pretty much daily. I really want to start back on protein only for about a week to jump start my metabolism again, but it seems like every where I turn someone is handing me some delicious carb filled food that I can't pass up.

Please HELP motivate me! Share your story. 17 pounds ( or however many, I havent weighed again because my scale got broken when we moved). These last few pounds are the hardest!
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