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Originally Posted by ecmcnamee View Post
Going into week 3 and I caved tonight and had a handful of chocolate chips. I could not stop myself and now I'm a little peeved at myself. Have list 16 pounds and 9.5 inches so far. Going to go the rest of the week with no restricteds and hope I didn't mess things up. Live and learn I guess.
You cannot really make up for it by not eating your IP foods. IF the chocolate chips threw you out of ketosis, you will just have to get back in (about 2 days) by getting back to 100% OP. Taking away your restricteds for a week won't help, in fact it could hurt your weight loss if it messes with a balance you've reached where everything is working right.

Once you're back in ketosis, you'll be fine. There is the chance, too, that it won't throw you out of ketosis...but you should make sure you're back on plan. You'll know by being a little more hungry tomorrow.

Don't beat yourself up too hard. Everyone has a slip now and then. Just don't do it again!

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