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Congratulations on your success. You are an inspiration! I'm very curious about these sorts of diets but I have sooo many questions and insecurities. I've heard of optifast but know almost nothing about it than that it is a shake diet. Can you provide information on protein, carbs, nutrients, etc per shake? I attempted to do medifast once, I still have 11 days of it in my closet and I keep daring myself to give another try. It did not go well (I was a college sophomore at the time), I had never been that hungry before. LOL. Is it really safe to consume only 400 or 800 calories a day?

How did you handle going out? I feel like if I was a complete hermit I could do these kinds of diets - my slip ups are always pressure by friends, co-workers, my husband, family, etc. I feel embarrassed to say I'm on a shake diet (especially if a week later I fizz out and quit) and I would feel awkward turning down all food at family gatherings or out at a restaurant after work with co-workers. I mean when everyone is having a 99 cent margarita I feel left out, and not going at all makes me feel even worse. Ha. I know the point of that diet is that it's HARD, yes, but that would be one of my biggest hurdles. I care too much about what other people think. When I've had shakes for lunch at work I just want to eat my lunch in my car, I have such nosy co-workers and I'm a private person.

I'm also worried about how this will impact my exercise routine. I have plans to train for a 5k and beyond. I've tried to exercise with the tank on empty before and it results in frustration and exhaustion.

Since you do optifast under medical supervision, do you have any insurance coverage? Oh yes and I'm also curious if you don't mind sharing a ballpark of what one could expect to pay between the meals, meeting with dieticians, etc.

Any input is encouraged. I'm really wanting to drop the first half of what I have to lose as quick as I can without jeopardizing my health.
- Courtney

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