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Originally Posted by mrsstunner View Post
I'm starting IP today. Still nervous as heck but had my first shake and all is right in the world. I'm hungry though. I guess that's to be expected. I should start on my water intake so maybe I'll curb some of the hunger. Wish me luck.
Wishing you MUCH success! Ketosis kicks in day 4 or 5 and it is an appetite suppressant! You have that to look forward to. Until then, my coach allowed 3-5 packets/day.
Eat ALL your veggies and HUGE salads.
You can also have 2 egg whites/day (they are 0/0/0)

Remember a lot of the hunger isn't REAL hunger (altho it feels doggone real! But you really aren't starving) is your head playing Jedi mind tricks with you, trying to get you to cave & feed the organism the amount it is used to being fed. A LOT of hormones and chemicals will be screaming at you. Drink LOTS of hot herbal tea and boullion (it also helps with the ketosis-flu symptoms).

Cooked veggies help me feel more satiated than raw. That may help, as well.

Originally Posted by greeniris View Post
mrsstunner & M35A2 - Grilled veggies are awesome too (though my grill is buried under about 18" of snow at the moment). Impatiently waiting for spring...

The weatherman is saying we should see a bit of sunshine today; cant wait! Michigan sees so few days with sunshine in the winter it is a real treat when it peeks out. A friend and I are going to talk tonight to put together a "flower-garden-planning" party. We're all getting cabin-fever, and getting anxious for spring (realistically still 2 months away at least).
Oh man! DH takes a broom to the grill. We use it all winter! Unless we have to chip away ice. Thanks for reminding me. I'll put the cover on it today because an ice storm is on the way.

And sunshine in the winter is one of the FIRST things I noticed when I moved away from Michigan. I remember calling my mom and saying, "It's sunny here in the winter!" I lived in Lansing, which is one of the cloudiest cities in the world!
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