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Woot, I think you are right about that alignment of planets, Wood Nymph! Congrats on the problem free day and I intend to have one today.

Had my sugar free, wheat free cherry cobbler for breakfast & am off to a meeting later this morning. The "cobbler" is a recipe I have made for a long time. It is just layered almond meal flour patted with water into a microwave bowl with organic frozen cherries (unsweetened). I used to add a bit of dry oats but don't anymore. I microwave it very carefully until it sort of resembles a cobbler or if taken out of the bowl, a giant cookie. It is very easy to overcook, though.

Re some thoughts I had today re being wheat free, there's no reason anyone has to eat wheat free unless medically advised, it is just a way of eating that agrees with some people, including me & my now pain free & flat stomach. I am loving it but will be evaluating on the 20th.

I do eat wheat free crackers & bread sometimes, they are easy to find in the stores here.

Found a 3fc support thread for Wheat Belly. The posters seem to be focused on the low carb aspect of the book, but I am eating roughly the same amount of carbs, just avoiding wheat. The only thing this does for me as far as weight is I am not being tortured by wanting all the cupcakes, bakery cake, cookies, doughnuts every time I go to the grocery. I know I can have a gluten free bakery item any time but it is just a little less easy to obtain that or make it since my cravings have stopped. I do like a lot of the gluten free crackers, which are in all the stores I shop in. I have concerns about the rice in those but eat a few now & then.
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