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JUST TO ANNOUNCE, THERE IS SNOW IN MY YARD!!! This has not occurred in my life for approximately 18 years! My dog has never seen snow. Now, mind you, this would hardly be classified as snow in the midwest from whence I came long long ago, but it nevertheless is technically snow, sort of soft, warm and clumpy and in strange little patches on the yard. It'll be gone soon but perhaps it is a portent of something great that is about to happen, like I'm going to lose three pounds this weekend. Nah, probably not!

Arabella, I had an eating evening somewhat similar to how you describe your day yesterday lol. Not sure why. Lol, I don't have a job or any reason to be tired particularly. I was stressed over some negative interactions in my business life, though, and reacted as if it was work stress and just ate too much.

Interesting that you also find potatoes helpful as a substitute for wheat based foods. I am so enjoying eating white potatoes again, since I had banned them in my head for so long, due really to the influence of other people and popular diet science and what not. My body finds the white potatoes a happier choice than wheat.

I remain happily wheat free backed also by the knowledge that if I do at some point want bread, pizza crust or cake, there ARE wheat free products available, but honestly all that seems remote right now and I am making better food choices for the most part.

Did eat candy today and too high.

FITBIT HAS INFORMED ME THAT I HAVE WALKED 500 MILES AND I RECEIVED A BADGE! Woot! So I've done 500 miles since I got the device, which was early November.

I'm back up to an official 10,000 steps, having moved my daily goal back to that. I am still remembering that there is no law that says I have to make that goal at times, but it is nice to have the goal.

Onward, all. Greetings to all royals, whether near or far.

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