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Hi all,

Today has been a good food and exercise day. I remembered half my lunch today (the fruit and celery) but forgot my frozen meal. Thank goodness for the one in the freezer at work! Otherwise, my food was completely OP--including two Girl Scout peanut butter sandwich cookies.

I had two Do-Si-Dos because I asked a woman at work to bring them to me--exactly two. She brought them yesterday, but I hadn't planned for them for yesterday, since I didn't know when she'd bring them in. So I planned them for an evening snack today and enjoyed them very much. Portion control is so much easier when there isn't more to get!

Avoiding snacks at work is so much easier than it used to be. There were frango mints and Girl Scout shortbread cookies out today (and ring pops) (and tootsie pops). I noticed the mints, and thought, "Oh chocolate. I like chocolate. That chocolate doesn't have anything to do with me." and didn't even really crave it--it was more of an observation than a wish to eat it.

I thought it would always be hard and I'd always be fighting myself wanting every sweet that came along, but as I've created rules for myself and learned how to be glad I'm not eating something, it has gotten a lot easier--and in not that long of a time. This is my 7th week of not having had an unplanned snack at work. And if avoiding snacks at work gets easier, then maybe eating carefully at weekend-long parties will get easier, too.

Beverlyjoy: I'm sorry you had a hard Tuesday. Good luck with time away from home--and chances are the pizza at a bowling alley pizza party won't be very good anyway--no reason to go off plan for poor pizza! Do you think it'll help to eat before so you aren't hungry?

Lexxiss: Credit for weighing at the pool--and for recognizing that your poor food choices weren't emotional ones.

Tazzy: Glad it was a good weekend away. Credit for walking in the cold--I grew up near Chicago--but I still hate cold! And credit for getting back on track!

nationaklparker: I'm sorry work is stressful. Stress not only doesn't burn calories, it tries to trick us into eating extra calories. Nasty stuff, that stress.

gardenerjoy: Yay for planning. It is almost funny to me how completely I've adopted planning--planning for the week and planning for each day. It does make a huge difference and it helps me stay on track so much better.

onebyone: I'm sorry you have so much going on right now. Are you up to recommitting to going through the pink book day-by-day again? I'm just wondering if you need to step by step get yourself back on track.

BillBE: Laughing at drinking until your pee is pale. Trail mix is hard stuff to just have a little of--some things are best left alone. It's an odd thing when insurance rather than doctors define "done".

Take care, everyone!
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