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One thing that I was taught in a work leadership seminar was an activity where you think about what aspects you'd like to acquire in the next 5 years at your job.....qualities like responsible, capable, confident, knowledgeable etc...and then pick your top quality and repeat that word to yourself in current work situations, like a visualization almost of yourself already having those qualities

i started doing that with the word "confidence" and i'm actually showing/feeling more confidence in my abilities and decision-making being able to stick to my opinions or decisions when others question that....which is something i've always struggled with as a leader in my chosen field

on an unrelated note....this thread made me think of an old old song that i listened to endlessly in high school by richard marx called "silent scream" and there's a line in there that says "you can't begin to live someone else's life, or your own will pass you by" and that spoke volumes to me in high school....because back then i SO longed to be popular and skinny and confident and i just wasn't....and it helped me step up and be myself, live my own life and not *insert popular girl's name here* her life
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