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I swear the kids are out to kill me. All the crap we have told them & went threw. Me helping DIL with finding a place. She has now posted on FB that she will be going back to Janesville & they will be getting a divorce. What happened who knows. He is trying to make me believe he is in dark about it all too. They have not even been married for 2 months yet. On top of it looks like there is a problem with the bank account. Not from her but something that I don't think he realized is automatic. So I need to try to talk to bank about it tomorow sometime. Told him if I put hold on account he won't be able to put $ in or out till its figured out.

I had my pre op on Friday. I will be having the Conization prosedure done on Friday. They are putting a rush on the result cuz depending on the results I will have historectomy done on monday but if it comes back with the cells then I will need to go to IA City for a historectomy. My understanding is the hospital here is not equipped to do it with whatever special thing will need to be done. I will be off work for at least 4 weeks. Which is fine with me I need time off with all the stress going on. On Monday my dr will also remove my right ovary as I have been having issues with it & leave the left in so I still get all the hormones that the produce.

I have not told DS about my issues cuz he has enough stuff going on with DIL & his back. Which still not sure if they're gonna give him shots or not or what all they plan on doing. He is also seeing a phycotrist To help him with everything that is going on. The last thing he needs to do is worry about his mom too. He'll be mad at me afterwards but I'd rather that then worrying him more.
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