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Default Fighting in the 150s

I am having a problem getting out of the 150s. I have been as low as 149.6 but the next day I was right back to 151. I understand warer weight and various reasons for the fluctuations. This week I have been between 153.2 and 156.4.

I have noticed that the closer I get to 150 the sadder I get. I don't know why but I see the number and my heart sinks a little. Then I self sabotage. I go out and binge on sweet,fatty and salty foods. It always happens around 153 and I can pretty much fight it until 151, then I just break and buy something I know will cause a gain. At around 155 my mood is fine.

I started taking multi-vitamins and iron just in case it is a deficiency causing this problem but it hasn't worked. I don't know why a number moving in the right direction can make me sad.

I know this sounds crazy. I just had to put it out there. Maybe I should add more fats to my diet? I eat mostly fish, skinless chicken and vegetables i also use less than a tablespoon of olive oil each week. Nuts cause a UC flare up.
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