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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
Ahhh I was wondering if it might be a flexibility issue ... I can relate.

I had a terrible time with flexibility until I learned how to stretch.
Originally Posted by carpediem View Post
You look great and very fit on this photo plus working out with your husband is a big win. I really enjoyed my body pump lessons as I remember leaving the room with a great feeling from working my whole body and I definitely prefer working out in group lessons. I have to stop doing those lessons as I hurted my knee, I broke my ACL. If you are having problems with your hamstring just be really careful because with those many repetitions if you lose your attention just one second you can injure yourself.

Regarding form I'm no expert and it is very difficult with just this picture but the thing that catches my eye is the position of the bar in your shoulders. You are doing what they call a high bar squat. This article summarize the differences between low bar and high bar: You can try to experiment with these two positions so you can see if you are more confortable with one or another.

The other thing is the depth of the squat. If they tell you that this is fine for that lesson then go ahead but I would look what some other bodybuilders say or ask your PT if this is fine just to make sure you are doing it right. There are exercises to try to improve the depth of the squat or your position being more forward or high. There are two good ones that I recall now, a wall squat so you get to see how to stay straight in the squat and there is one I love which is called a monkey squat or third world squat where you just have to do a full squat with your knees to the outside and just hold the position working on improving your time. At the beginning you will probably have to hold to something to get to that position confortably. I like to do monkey squats whenever I'm on the phone, watching TV or folding clothes.

One last thing is I would recommend you to look into mobility exercises and foam rolling. I have a rumble roller and it does wonders for my tight hamstrings and calves one of the reasons I hurted my knee. Besides be careful with static stretching if you are hypermobile, I just read this article and that can apply to people with tendency to injure joints:
Thanks you two. I need to concentrate more on my stretch. I have always been so unbelievably tight. I work on it a bit, but not as much as I should and I do worry about injuring myself because of it.

My husband and I have read the New Rules books and own them. And we want to progress from the BodyPump classes to the free weights, but we haven't done it. The class is just so convenient because it's a set time and day and the routine is done - all thinking is done for you. But we should move on to what we know is better exercise and we could still do it together - which is a bonus.

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