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Don't give up.
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I'm still around. Up and down on progress, but overall still at the same point. I've been somewhat careful with my diet most of the time, so I haven't gained any weight, but I've made enough mistakes indulging in stuff that isn't good for me when things have been low that I haven't made any real progress, either.

Not to worry. I joined a new gym a month ago and have been going twice a week. Hoping to up that to five days a week, once I get used to it. It shouldn't be too difficult, but the circumstances of my life involve a lot of obstacles and exhaustion and most of the days, I just can't motivate myself. Working on it.

No phentermine in a while, but I might try it again. I don't like how easy it is to gain weight once stopping it. I don't like how moody it makes me. I don't like hearing about the possible health issues down the line if taken for a prolonged period (which is why I didn't take it for more than one prescription's worth last time). I don't like that it's expensive. I do like that it does work and helps me to have the energy to make it to the gym and eat less. So, we'll see.

In the meantime, slow and steady with the exercise in the hopes of changing my bad habits, beating my depression, and learning how to keep the weight off.

I met with a trainer recently, but didn't hire him. He seemed to be of the opinion that having strong motivation is crucial. I don't really have much motivation -- at least not in the way of a goal or something, but I'd really like to feel better about myself and to look good. It's not much. I guess I'm realizing that I still have a lot of emotional issues tied up into my weight and I'll have to deal with both physical and psychological fitness at the same time.

So, I haven't given up yet and I'll keep at it until it sticks.
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