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My Royal 4-Day Personal Calorie Level Challenge Log:

Day 1, Wednesday, 1540
Day 2, Thursday, 1360
Day 3, Friday, TBD
Day 4, Saturday, TBD

Happy Valentine's Day to all royals near & far!

Not sure if I said that this morning lol.

Arabella, ITA that yoga is a weight bearing exercise, and great cardio, too. I need to do better being consistent with it. In reality, yoga is the only exercise discipline that I really need, but I want all the others, too.

I did weights and 8,000 steps today, have been feeling ill but perked up tonight so finished all the exercise.

Arabella, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the wheat and gluten issues.

I also think that for me, the no wheat has reduced carbs overall and that has increased my well being (except today ... bought some food that did not agree with me).

Whatever works.

Later, royal ones! Woot!
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