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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
I'll tread carefully here since I've had posts deleted for crossing a line* in the past ... so I'll just say ... lookin good

However, I also am wondering about your form. It's very tough to tell from a still shot and single angle but it looks to me like your squat form could be improved a bit. With this light weight it doesn't really matter but form is form ...

Your back is flat an not rounded - which is good - but you also are bent over pretty far which turns a squat into more of a "good morning" exercise. Could just be this rep but this puts a lot more strain on your lower back than a squat should and works your legs less than a squat should. Your husband has a more correct angle for a squat.

Second, you may not be at max depth in this shot but if this is max depth you should go lower. It will work your glutes more and put less pressure on your knees.

*I'm breaking the rules to even mention this but I've noticed there is a big difference between what a woman can say to a woman and what a man can say to a woman in regards to how they look. What If I'm not straight? What if the woman giving the compliment is not straight? Double standard but that's just the way it goes I suppose.
No, John I appreciate it.

I've worked A LOT on my form, but I simple cannot straighten more on a squat. I've tried... My husband and I were just talking about it (and it does mention how it can be quite variable for women in NR for Women). I am not bending at the waist, but I do lean further ahead than is ideal, but despite working with a personal trainer and working and working, I cannot force myself more upright. I wish I knew why that is? I'm also REALLLLLY tight in the hamstrings. I just and I mean JUST got to being able to touch my toes this past week. After months of working on stretching. When I started I was bout 6" from my toes.

And in the class they are very specific about not going below knee level when squatting - again, I don't know why (and these are wide stance squats). Something about protecting the knees, yet I know that isn't true. However, if I were to go against the rules in the class, I would be called out - every time. And this class is a high rep class. We do squats (singles, down two- up two, down 4, hold 4, etc) for 4 minutes which is why my weights aren't high, though, besides the instructor, I have the most weight on the bar (for a woman - only other person with more is my husband). Not ideal, but it's worked for me (until this new hamstring tendonitis I got the last couple weeks and REALLLLLY aggravated it in that class last Wed. - but during another exercise).

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