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S/C/G: 40/31/30 waist inches!

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I couldn't agree with you more!!!

I think our visual image of ourselves is very different from what others see (just like we sound different to ourselves than others...)

Oddly enough for me, I didn't see myself as HEAVY until I looked at photographs of myself. When I looked in the mirror I just didn't see that same body as the camera (and obviously other people) saw. So I was reversed compared to most women.

Now that I'm past goal and trying to get my body to look the I want it to - and trust me, it's fighting me every literal inch of the way - I wonder - where is that woman who didn't even see herself as fat over 25 lbs ago? How could I have looked "ok" to myself back then and now not look "good enough?"

Maybe because now I aspire to the Lucy Lui's and Jennifer Annistons, whereas before I didn't. Maybe it's like when you get "rich" you now compare yourself to the Trumps and Rockefeller's versus the Jones'?

Don't know, but it is strange isn't it? I see your final goal of 130 and you're an inch taller to me. Right now I'm at 144 and I couldn't imagine my body at 130, I don't think I'd look good at all. BUT - every "body" is different, which is why we should personalize our goals instead of listening to the "charts."

To me, healthy doesn't show ribs, healthy doesn't look "drawn," healthy is mobile and agile and above all, healthy is also having a realistic view of yourself and those around you ...

New goal is waist measurement! One dancer for each inch lost!
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