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My *******ized chicken/shrimp tacos
Serving size: 2 tacos
Calories per serving: 247.5 kcal / 267.5kcal

I got the calorie counts from the food labels

2 small corn torillas (110 kcal)
4oz of chicken breast(100kcal) or shrimp(120kcal)
2tbsp salsa (10kcal)
Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning (0 kcal)
A little bit of lettuce or cabbage (~5 kcal)
1/8c fat free cheddar cheese(22.5 kcal) I don't think the cheese actually makes that much of a difference. I skip it sometimes.

Rub some Mrs Dash on the frozen chicken breast or the shrimp
For shrimp, pan fry it on a non stick pan (no oil)
For chicken, bake it at 375F for 30mins, and then shred it
Add salsa to shrimp or shredded chicken (I usually use 1tbs salsa verde, and 1tbs normal salsa)
Add a little salt if you want to
Lay some cabbage/lettuce on the warmed tortillas, and add split the shrimp/chicken mixture to the 2 tortillas
Top with cheese
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