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Originally Posted by LockItUp View Post
I've been struggling more in the last couple months (last 10 pounds or so) than in allllll the rest of the months and pounds. Seriously every single little pounds makes a difference at this point. I have a bad weekend my pants are TIGHT on Monday. It makes it so I can't get too off track or I'll literally have nothing that fits. In a way it's good, in a way it sucks. I've only been in this weight range (low 140s/high 130s) since Mid-December so I'm no expert at maintenance! But I've tried to switch focus to building muscle and making sure I eat enough so it doesn't trigger binges. If I get too hungry at this point I'm a freaking crazed rabid hyena!

I wouldn't have thought so 90+ pounds ago, but feeling hungry is more unbearable now then it was back then. I can't stand to feel starving, before I almost welcomed it because I knew I was making progress (I'm just talking hunger from a normal calorie deficit, nothing crazy).

I definitely don't feel like I'm at "goal" body-wise, but I'm ok with my weight.
Although I'm relatively close to my goal, I'm not happy with my weight. I still have a couple of inches to lose off my belly which, when I'm wearing a tight shirt, is VERY conspicuous. Until it's FLAT I'm not going to stop my calorie deficit. The nice thing is that the more it goes down, the more in-shape I'm going to look, and it's going to become increasingly more noticable at this stage.
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