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If he'd been doing it since I got him I'd understand. This shift is throwing me off and has me so confused. I'm just thinking...he's only so big...where is all this coming from?

My roommates are kind of frustrating me with it, too. The one girl in particular just keeps saying in a baby voice, "He's only a baby!" Yes. I understand this. I'm the one waking up to take him outside, I'm the one who takes him outside literally a dozen times a day. I'm the one feeding him puppy food, I'm the one who invested a small fortune in him, I'm the one who watches him like a hawk, I'm the one who cancelled a date to stay with him so I could put him to bed properly worn out. I'm aware that he's "only a baby". I'm just failing to understand what this has to do with putting him on a schedule and training him. Should I be waiting until he's older and has already established bad habits?... I never said I expected him to be perfect, I'm just trying to analyze his behavior and correct it early.

To me, this is the time to act. Chewing? Break him. Still working on that one... Biting too hard during play? Break him. Still trying to figure that out, too... He's crate trained already, he doesn't really cry anymore. Leash train him, put him on a schedule, do it while he's young, not after he's already doing everything wrong. And yeah, okay, so I get frustrated sometimes but that's normal. I'm trying to lose weight and my body is refusing to go under 136 for more than a day at a time. I think it's the fact that I'm tired and stressed. It's a vicious cycle and it's taking a toll on my health. Last night, I got maybe 6 hours of sleep. I woke up sore from my workout but still had to take him outside for his potty break. Yeah, I think I get that he's a baby...

In addition to all that, I'm trying to train Kota not to eat cat food. He's got puppy food right there. He knows better, too. I come out, catch him, and go "Ah ah ah, no!" He immediately stops and goes back to his own bowl. Sometimes he goes back before I even get to say anything like he's thinking, "Crap, Mom caught me!" So this morning, her cat - who eats on top of the refrigerator and leaves cat hair all over the counters and dishes - knocked her bowl of food on the floor. My roommate, instead of sweeping it up, purposely sweeps it into a pile on the floor and says she'll leave it there for my dog to "clean up". I have no idea if this impacts his doing number two or not but I'd really rather just keep him on dog food either way... I can't watch him all the time so naturally he did eat most of the cat food before I caught him...

Mind you, he's allowed to "vacuum up" her cat's messes - she's not exactly the most responsible owner sometimes - but she won't let him play with any of their toys. They've got two dozen toys and she puts them away just to keep my dog from playing with them. But he can eat their food when she doesn't want to clean it up...very nice. If it's even possible to train a dog not to play with certain toys, I've got a dozen things to teach him, that isn't very high on the priority list...


Being home should help, my parents love animals and I won't have to pick his crap up because they're in the country.
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