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Love the star system, Wood Nymph. Congrats on day 3, woot!

On iPad, was kind of up half the night fixing computer & downloading stuff.

Yea, Arabella, I live with uncertainty, too. T'is an occupational hazard, plus I am aging & could just sit back & not think about anything anymore but the desire to work is still there, most of the time. Lol, anyhow, I don't get upset much anymore. People sometimes think I am upset but sometimes I am remarkably blah.

Thinking about an experiment to give up wheat from the next weigh in to the Vernal Equinox. This is not a challenge; if I eat wheat, I just keep going. I do think there will be a pizza lunch next Tuesday so I will definitely eat the crust.

I will make it a St. Paddy's No Wheat Party.

If I do it. Haven't decided.

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