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I'm not sure what it causing your after work problem specifically, but I can touch on a few things.

1. So, you eat as soon as you get home - when was the last time you ate prior to that? If it was 5 or 6 hours before, maybe it's simply time to eat again. Having healthy foods at home to eat is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with coming home and eating veggies. My guess is that somehow your blood sugar has dropped. I know that when I eat too many simple carbs during the day, my blood sugar (I'm not diabetic) goes crazy and I get that "I HAVE TO EAT" feeling. Maybe try to eat more protein throughout the day - you said you snack on carrots, so try adding some greek yogurt or hummus with them?

2. Try eating something before you leave to come home from work. I keep oatmeal at work to eat before I leave. It's still kind of tied to the blood sugar thing, but I'm not ravenous when I get home that way.

3. Change your routine. Go for a walk as soon as you get home or immediately jump into a project you want to do or don't go straight home from work. Whatever it is, change that cycle of coming home starving.

4. Check in with your head. If this is a new problem for you, when did it start? Are there other stressors going on for you right now? Food isn't the problem and therefore isn't the answer. Something else might be causing your anxiety or boredom. Tap into that. Solve that problem and you might be back to your more successful routine.

5. After you finish that are you still hungry? Maybe you just ate dinner.

6. If for right now, this beast is too hard to tame, are there other areas that you can adjust to accommodate it? In other words, if this meal is usually about 400 calories, can you adjust the rest of your day to fit it in?

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