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Originally Posted by Ruthxxx View Post
Lots of praise when he stays clean and when he does "it" outside. Do you give him a command to do his business? I've always used "Find your spot "and then "Good find your spot!" after they go. It seems a bit classier than "Go pee" or "Go poo!" I've worked as a dog trainer and on and notice that most people forget the praise after the dog has done what was asked.
I say, "Go do your business". Got that one from Mom.

The issue I'm having is understanding when he needs to go. He sniffs around so much, I just tend to stare at him thinking, "Is he being a dog or is he looking for a place to pee..." This morning, after I took him out and put his food down, he started kind of whimpering. I kept asking him what he wanted and I even picked him up to see if he just wanted attention. I eventually caved and took him outside but he didn't do after a minute or two, I came back in. I still don't know why he was whimpering because he didn't want held either...

Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
I wouldn't put treats in the crate. They shouldn't be learning the crate is for food.
I read that if you feed them in their crate - which I no longer do - they won't associate only negative things with it. So when he's done going to the bathroom the last time, I praise him and then put him back to bed and hand him a few tiny chews that are just barely bigger than your average sized pill. He seems to be okay with it now, he just lays there and looks at me like...I dunno where you go Mom but fine, I'll go back to sleep.
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