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Our group goes out @5AM Rain or Shine.
Cheyenne our Golden when she was a pup needed to go out @2AM for a while soo I would sleep downstairs in theFamily Room to not wake up everybody in the house. I would have to go out with her cuz the Coyotes came calling for her 1 night ,after we got back in the house they started howling like crazy..scared me so bad thinking what could have possibly happened ..from then on took a Plastic
Bat and a Lantern into the backyard when we went out at night. Our yard is wide open with a lot of open space and ponds in back of our house we have a host of wildlife that venture in our yard.
Even though are youngest is I year old they still go outside frequently to potty and burn off steam.
I credit Dakota,Cheyenne and Chance with giving the motivation to go on walks and helping distract me from eating, forcing me outside even when I don't want to go.
Last week it was raining to hard to put them outside in the backyard so I got on my Raingear on and walked 2 miles with them cuz they needed the exercise and
I got mine too! I purchased snow pants too so I can be toasty while outside.
Fortunately we have walking paths near us and I can work on training them while we are out.
It is wonderful to have the companionship of a dog.
There is a country song called I want you to love me like my dog does and it is so true.
Dogs live in the here in now !and that's what I want to do .
Enjoy your New Little Buddy
Good Luck with everything ,

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