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Peachflesh: Well I haven't gotten sick, yet. I think I am in the clear though. I don't plan to go anywhere tonight. I have a quiz due by 6pm and I haven't looked over the material. I've never enjoyed superbowl parties and they always end up being junkfood fests, which I love/hate.

Hotaruchan: Brutus is a 15 pound chiuaua/ jack russel mix who has anxiety/ attachment issues. But he's 1000% better than the last time we hung out. On average he would want to be let out every 2 hours and the entire 15 hours I was there heonly went out 4 times. So, he did awesome!

I want to go workout today, but my gym is 30-45 mins away and I am tired and have a quiz tonight, so I may take the night off.

Oh! So, yesterday at the gym, I ran into someone I haven't seen since I started losing. And she was like oh, how much have you lost? I was like about 35. and She was like, well your face looks really good, it's really thinned out, don't worry you'll start to see the rest. And I was like uhh...

And then I remembered why I don't hang out with that group of friends anymore. I hate it, but I think her comment kind of led to my binge last night. It made me feel, well, I guess nobody else can notice so it doesn't really matter. And I hate that that's the way it ended up. I have done great! I have lost 35% of the weight I want to lose! That's a pretty big chunk. Just because some chick ugh. It just makes me mad. I can see a difference. I think everything would be fine if people would not say dumb things, cause I know that she didn't really mean to hurt me, the girl is just crazy low on understanding social situations. She is always saying things without thinking things through. Sigh.
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